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Your first port of call is Community Priest Katrina Hill - available on 3889118 or 0297703098... if you need or want any sort of help or contact within the community, then give her a call.

Friday, August 9, 2013


Yes! Our new FOOT CLINIC will open in September.

If you know of someone who has trouble cutting their toenails, then give us a ring on 3889118, or call in to tell us....we'd love to help out:):)

What would you like to study? Is there something you've always wanted to learn to do?
Now's the time to let us know, as WEA COURSES for TERM 4 are being organised!
Pop in to see us, or call us to let us know & we'll see what we can arrange:):)

Our 10th Festival was absolutely BRILLIANT.....hopefully we'll get  a few photos up to show you what went on, but for starters, here's a few facts:
* 600 people attended
* The Pre-School show was sold out
* Some peeps enjoyed it so much they came back for a 2nd helping!
* Ages ranged from 0-90 years old
So, it was a fabulous, fun event that we will FOR SURE be doing again.....hope if you were one of the people who came along, that you enjoyed it!

AND DON'T FORGET.......Te Aroha is ALWAYS open every MONDAY - FRIDAY from 10am til 4pm.... so drop in for a coffee, a chat, some advice, help or a comfy chair to sit in & meet some friendly folk:) We'd LOOOVE to see you:):)


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