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Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Potato Festival ~ the dirt on it!

BIG thanks to the wonderful peeps who decorated St Luke's ~ Jenny & Peter Lodge & Sue Alderman
The day was a gorgeous warm autumn day...which meant produce was sold from a table under the trees, with Grace Dunstan holding fort.

Kay Mannering and Carol managed the children’s games ~ Splat the Spud and Potato Arches which were popular, while Katrina arranged a treasure hunt.
Potato and Spoon races were fun in the church, with several families playing together. “Creeping Up On Granny” was extremely popular, and the children were obviously enjoying the adult participation.

Kaylene Worrall and Nerilee Ferrand ran excellent craft activity stalls: Kaylene helped the kids compose pictures with potato printing, while Nerrilee inspired the making of some very quirky and colourful “potato people.”
Cathy Sweet was present as a gardening advisor. One man came all the way from St Martins, hoping to find some Maori potatoes!
Stephanie Strahl, a trainee dietician, ran a cooking demo on stuffed baked potatoes, and answered questions from the 32 who attended, about nutrition and potato cooking methods.
She provided heaps of free samples for everyone present...which were, of course, enjoyed very much!

Kerry McCammon played the ukulele and helped keep the atmosphere jolly, especially before the band arrived.
The Irish band was lovely and much appreciated, both for dancing in the church and sitting around outside.

The prizes of boxed Golden Gourmet potatoes, provided by the Potato Marketing Board, and the potato information posters, also from the board, were much appreciated.

About 100 people attended the Festival over the 4 hours, celebrating in a simple, family-friendly, low-tech way.
The atmosphere on the day was really lovely......

We couldn't have held the festival without these contributors: