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Sunday, June 2, 2013


Yes! It's all about the humble SPUD!
Te Waka Aroha is planning a SPUD-FEST for the end of October.
WHY? They ought to be celebrated - just think  how versatile & how much a part of our life they are!
They're humble, simple, available, cheap, nourishing & yummy!
And make great pets....just kidding!!!
So far, we've thought up these ideas:
Potato races, printing, cooking....& a bit of Irish music seems appropriate...have YOU got some ideas?

This is to be a COMMUNITY CELEBRATION & we want to get YOU involved.....it's going to be a down to earth, fun, old-fashioned style festival......so, if you're keen to celebrate the potato, then phone 3889118 or email us at stfaiths1@gmail.com or pop into The Lounge [M-F between 10am-4pm].
We'd LOVE to hear from you:):)

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