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Monday, May 27, 2013

Plans are a-FOOT.....

THE IDEA: to provide a bit of pampering, social time AND a health service, particularly for those who find it difficult to cut their own nails.
Foot massaging, toe nails cut, a cuppa.......sounds good to me!
WHERE: clinics will be held at both St Faith's in New Brighton & St Andrew's in North Beach.
WHEN: in the Spring......we intend to run the clinic every 6 weeks.
BUT FIRST, we need some volunteers to make this happen!
This would entail being available for one 3 hour session every 6 weeks.
TRAINING will be provided by Parklands Baptist Church, who have a successful clinic operating & are keen to help us get going.
INTERESTED? Ring or let Mary know at The Community Centre - 3889118 -

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